Holiday Traditions

Holiday Traditions

It is that time of year again! Christmas is right around the corner. Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons for so many reasons – but, for me, it signifies a deep breath. Summer and Spring are jam packed with weekend plans, vacations, and events. But fall and winter? It’s more about tradition, heritage, and family – not the hustle and bustle.

My heritage is La Louisiane – my sweet home. There is so much pure love and passion I have about Louisiana that I could scream from rooftops, but when it comes down to it, it’s about the love we have for one another. And we show love with food – it’s our tradition. If you know anyone from Louisiana – you know we are serious about our food. It’s a core part of our heritage, and we take it seriously, like, really serious. Any event includes food – and in the fall? That’s when the good stuff comes. For us, the event of cooking and eating is a tradition all in itself! The ingredients, the bowls, the pots, hell – even the spoons sometimes have the most sentimental value.

Recently, my sister and I were at the thrift store, and we found the same brand of dishes my mom used to serve us from. The nostalgia rushed in IMMEDIATELY. So many home-cooked meals, so much love, so many memories raced through our hearts at the sight of a single bowl. Not to mention, when you get passed down a vintage Magnalite pot from a family member it’s like the passing of a torch. No joke. Magnalite pots are no longer “officially” made and getting a passed down pot is one of the most sentimental events! The pots are often included in the will – I am not joking. It is that serious. Sure, we can go on eBay and find one, but we want the one that momma cooked her gumbo out of! Just another way vintage gets passed down from generation to generation that makes my heart skip a few beats – something so simple and innocent, really – something that never really had the intention of being such a big deal, but it is such a big deal in our Louisiana heritage.

Traditions are present in each home, regardless of if it’s intentional or not. Traditions don’t need to be elaborate planned events, or extravagant plans. For us, traditions are present in the smallest ways – including which pot the gumbo is made from, and which dishes you serve from. The smallest things can become your family heirloom memories, intentionally or not. I don’t think my mom chose her dishes purposefully, but regardless they will always trigger the deepest core memories of our home cooked meals!

This season, I hope instead of rushing around to make everything perfect you pause and breathe in the simple traditions. Your heart will thank you for it.

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